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Motivation is the single most important determinant of satisfaction, success and longevity in any endeavor. Where there is strong motivation in your projects or your career choices, there is an almost limitless well of energy and even excitement.

This assessment measures eleven Career Drivers
®— motivational engines for power in your career choices and in your everyday work. The closer the work you do matches your top Career Drivers®, the more opportunity you have for success by any measure. The more distant the work you do every day is from the description of your Drivers, the more dissatisfaction, unrest and stress you likely experience in your worklife.

Knowing your Career Drivers
® gives you new power in your career and development choices, helping you to steer yourself towards areas of continued success, interest and satisfaction.

If you manage or coach others, understanding the range of Career Drivers
®, and how to appeal to them, gives you expanded power in your ability to get results from others and to support their ongoing development.

CareerDrivers — One of the most important pieces of knowledge for navigating your own career or coaching the careers of others.




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